Freckles Curbside

Call-in/ Pick Up
Now you can Call Ahead to 918-252-2663 or 918-500-9452 and Pick-up your Freckles Treats at our 51st & Mingo location.  Give us a 10-15 minute heads up, and we will have your treat ready for you.  You can select from our full menu of Custard Treats, Dole Pineapple Whip, Italian Ice, and Shaved Ice.

Freckles Delivery
If you are having an event at your work, office,  school, Church, or wherever, you can call us direct at 918-252-2663 or 918-500-9452 and we can work with you for a direct delivery.  This helps us to retain the 30%, yes 30%! that Delivery Services charge us.

Our Delivery Partners

If you prefer to have your Freckles brought to you, choose from one of our partners to make this happen!  Click on their Logo to Go to the Freckles menu on their site.