Flavor fanatic
The Freckles Flavor Fanatic has been unleashed!  No longer do you have to be "satisfed" with just Vanilla or Chocolate.  Look what the Flavor Fanatic has unleashed for your taste buds!

Say them all in one breath - dare you - GO!

Chocolate          Strawberry     Birthday Cake    NY Cheesecake     Espresso     Mocha    Tiger Blood     Ninja Turtle    Mint      Watermelon   Banana    Purple Cow     Georgia Peach       Red Velvet    S'more     Wedding Cake    Fudge Brownie    Silver Fox
Not done yet ...
Dreamsicle    Cotton Candy    Blue Rasperry  Bourbon   Lemon   Wizard's Brew      Wild Cherry   Pina Colada, oh, and Vanilla
Well, how did you do?